Week 1 Updates (January 6 – January 12)

150 150 Chisang Moon

It has been a busy week for Cypress Circuits. On January 5, the new challenge was released, Destination: Deep Space (which you can view here.) Stevenson students arrived from winter break on January 7, and Cypress Circuits had their first team meeting on January 8. The team spent the first day getting familiar with the rulebook through a fun quiz, and the following day, the team used VR technology to explore the game field. On January 12, the team entered its annual Lock-in, during which the team analyzed the rules, worked on strategies, prototyped, tested, and developed plans for this year’s competition (read more about the Lock-in here).
The various subteams–including fabrication, programming, and business–worked hard to launch into the season with a strong start. The fabrication team began CAD work the night of the Lock-in and built prototypes for potential mechanisms; the programming team finished up refining FRC-specific coding skills and got ready to program the drivetrain of this year’s robot; the business team continued to develop team merchandise, reach out to sponsors, and revamp its social media presence.