Kicking it Into High Gear (Week 3-4 Update)

150 150 Jade Nolden
Robot photographed Tuesday January 29th

We got started getting the drive train together and then ran out of rivets, so had to put that on hold. The students putting the wheels together ran out of the right sizes of bolts. The students putting together the game pieces ran out of the right sizes of lumber. Four different packages came so the fabrication team spent a few hours working in the trailer getting things organized and making room to put away the new things. The goal is, by the end of Saturday, to have a mechanically complete drive train and a set of drive train code that builds and can be tested on our electronics test board. Once we know the code works, we can then put the motors and controllers on the robot itself to get started doing the actual wiring. We have three weeks and four weekends left before we have to bag the majority of the robot.

Saturday  the team worked  from 10-2, and then our mentor continued until 5 in the trailer. Sunday and Monday for about 5 hours our mentor and a few students made more progress on the robot. These last two weeks, we did get a lot done. We got all the math done to mill the holes in the drive train and then got them done. Some of the holes got  messed up, so we had to completely re-cut two of the chassis pieces and re-mill them. Thankfully on Saturday one of the students set up a really fantastic mechanism so we could easily set the pieces up and make sure our measurements were solid. It took a long, long, long time to get everything set up and the zeros set, but once that was done, it was as easy as fitting in a new piece, loading up the appropriate program, and hitting “cycle start”. It feels like we’re in a really good place to start putting the entire drive train together this week and hopefully have the whole thing driving by this coming weekend.