All Systems Shutdown?

150 150 Jade Nolden


Pretty powerful storms have hit the neighborhood, which led to the power being knocked out. Despite this, the Cypress Circuits adapted around this issue.

On Wednesday we wandered around campus looking for a place where all of us could sit and be productive.

One building on campus had power and internet through a generator, but most of the rooms had already been claimed.

We got booted out of four different rooms, some of them twice before we settled in a foyer with semi-working internet and power over super long extension cables. These working conditions weren’t ideal, but we got really far into the design process. We ended up finishing up the CAD design.

Thursday, a handful of students worked in the trailer with on things that could be accomplished without power (sort parts, make bumpers, assemble wheels and gearboxes, etc.) while, the rest of the team to read the manual and work on their respective projects.

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