Update from Team Leads

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Ian Smelser – Coding Team:

Earlier in the build season, I focused on getting my team acquainted with the programming language and style. We also focused on computer vision in the weeks before the build season and developed a few profiles for targeting the retroreflective tape on the game pieces. Now we hope to have accurate game pieces by Tuesday. Once we get that, we can start testing our computer vision profiles and developing prototypes for the ball shooter.

As of today, we have our core control system on a board which we can mount on our soon-to-be finished driving base. I feel confident that our coding team can get a basic drive train working soon. Our next challenge will be creating a proportional control system for the drive system. We probably will not use the built-in PID controller because it seemed to be causing errors.

Eric Zhang – Machining Team:

This year, we recruited a few more new members. In order to have them prepared for an¬†intense building process, we started to build game pieces both as a practice and as the test field for prototyping. Up till now, we’ve finished all field structures. Meanwhile, we’ve begun to build the bumper around the finished drivetrain. Although the design group has not finalized their parts prototypes yet, my teammates and I are ready to face any challenge in the near future. With one year’s experience, I believe this time we will go further.

Primrose Waranniman – Welding Team:

This week, our welding team is working on putting together our new frame, and are hoping to finish welding by the end of this week. The old frame that we finished welding last week had the wrong dimensions, so we had to cut new pieces and drill holes on the sides for the wheels. We are currently waiting to weld them all together, so meanwhile, we are helping out the rest of the machining team, and are honing our welding skills on scraps of metal.