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2048 1536 Topher Mueller

What a whirlwind it’s been!

Like teams across the country – all over the world, actually – we are frantically working to make the final adjustments to our robot. Right now, it’s all about refining lists and prioritizing. No doubt the teammates are a little tired of my insistency to solve one problem at a time. But that’s what it takes in these final moments, where CAD and finesse will not cut it anymore. Sometimes it takes brute force and a bigger hammer! Safely, of course.

I’m proud of the team leads for sticking to it. There have been some hard days, where it’s easy to feel like there’s no chance we’ll finish. There’s been some conflicts in personalities, exacerbated by stress and deadlines. But we persist, and sometimes the boarding teammates look at watches and announce “we’ve missed dinner”. That’s OK, pizza is a phone call away…. Most practices have gone well into the evening at this point, with the sun going down sometime between opening and closing the robotics shop doors.

In the end it’s not sunshine (especially with all this rain) and smiles all around – not always. But nothing beats the feeling of those bursts of progress, making one thing work at a time. Better yet, to have a new idea and see it come to life quickly – such as our redesigned climbing system.

Forge on, Cypress Circuits!