Carmel Campus Robotics Holiday Party

1000 665 Stevie Hoesel

Last night, the Stevenson Robotics Team gathered for a holiday party at the Stevenson School Carmel Campus. Middle school students spent some time working on finishing up their robots that they had been building since September. Students used LEGO Mindstorm software to program their robots for competition. Student led groups placed their robots in the battling arena and began friendly competitions. While the middle school students loved seeing their robots compete against others, they also learned which modifications were necessary to make the strongest robot.

The competition paused for a potluck and a speech from Mr. Mueller, the head of the burgeoning Robotics Program at both Stevenson campuses. He gave thanks to all the parents at the party for their generosity and encouraged parents to support the program in any way they could.

As the competitions resumed, students cheered for their respective bots, and the elementary school kids arrived to work on their own robots. Students as young as five were coding, working as a team, and designing their robots for competitions with just a little help from their mentors and teachers. These students, while much younger, were eager to show off their impressive work to their peers and parents.

Students at the Carmel Campus also had the opportunity to drive the Cypress Circuits robot from the 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). They loved using the joystick to drive the robot around campus. Some even began chasing their friends with the robot. (pictured)

On behalf of the Pebble Beach and Carmel Campus Robotics programs at Stevenson, may you have a happy and restful holiday. Check back here to follow updates from the Cypress Circuits in 2017!