General Updates

Home Stretch!

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What a whirlwind it’s been! Like teams across the country – all over the world, actually – we are frantically working to make the final adjustments to our robot. Right now, it’s all about refining lists and prioritizing. No doubt the teammates are a little tired of my insistency to solve one problem at a time. But that’s what it takes in these final moments, where CAD and finesse will not cut it anymore. Sometimes it takes brute force and a bigger hammer! Safely, of course. I’m proud of the team leads for sticking to it. There have been some hard days, where it’s easy to feel like there’s no chance we’ll finish. There’s been some conflicts in personalities, exacerbated by stress and deadlines. But we persist, and sometimes the boarding teammates look at watches and announce “we’ve missed dinner”. That’s OK, pizza is a phone call away…. Most practices have gone…

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Update from Team Leads

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Ian Smelser – Coding Team: Earlier in the build season, I focused on getting my team acquainted with the programming language and style. We also focused on computer vision in the weeks before the build season and developed a few profiles for targeting the retroreflective tape on the game pieces. Now we hope to have accurate game pieces by Tuesday. Once we get that, we can start testing our computer vision profiles and developing prototypes for the ball shooter. As of today, we have our core control system on a board which we can mount on our soon-to-be finished driving base. I feel confident that our coding team can get a basic drive train working soon. Our next challenge will be creating a proportional control system for the drive system. We probably will not use the built-in PID controller because it seemed to be causing errors. Eric Zhang – Machining…

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Coach’s Corner: We’re Halfway There…

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The team is in the throes of building season, and this past Saturday marked the halfway point. We approach our fourth week of six with grand plans, but few tangible things to show for it. That’s about to change. We’re anxious for the entire drivetrain and pneumatics control to arrive tomorrow, allowing us to leap forward and likely to have a driving base in a day or two. With one out of three solutions prototyped successfully (the rope climb), we are well on our way. I’m equally excited that while we’ve waited for parts, the team has built a second robot base that will let us practice and tinker outside of build season. My dream of a gatling t-shirt cannon may yet come to fruition. In the meantime, the marketing team deserves much kudos, for wrestling with a fickle wordpress template and the difficult process of naming and branding our team appropriately. Tenacity, at…

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Local FRC Teams Visit Stevenson for Design Feedback

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On Saturday January 14th, the following teams visited Stevenson School: Monterey High School, Pacific Grove High School, Santa Catalina, and York. The purpose of the meeting was for teams to present their ideas for both game strategy and robot design, so that other teams can be inspired and offer any critical feedback for the teams. The teams enjoyed meeting each other and being given the opportunity to network, and the coaches offered more ideas to keep the momentum of a regional presence of FRC in the Monterey Bay area. We’re excited that so many teams could join, along with their coaches and mentors, and hope that we can offer more meetups and workshops in the near future. Thanks everyone for coming!

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