Our Inaugural Year: 2016

2016 was the rookie season for the Stevenson Robotics team, competing under the name PiRoBotics ( πρBotics).  With our robot “The Sparrow,” our team placed 9th out of 60 teams in the FIRST Robotics competition at San Jose State University in April. During final team selection, we were bumped up into the top 8 teams to choose and captain an alliance. It was an incredible honor and experience for our first season.

In October 2016, the Stevenson PiRoBotics participated in the Capital City Classic, an offseason competition near Sacramento. The event included 37 teams from around the state and as far as Boise, Idaho. Between learning engineering, coding, and design skills through workshops and networking, the PiRoBotics endured non-stop qualifying events, and competed with with an alliance that won second place overall!

Sparrow survived both ordeals with a few scratches, broken weld and a displaced ramp that we’ve proudly saved for display in our new robotics workshop, while a trophy from Capital City Classic stands tall in Rosen Student Center on campus. Our low ridin’, ramp hopping, small and mighty robot may be brought back to life any season where the game begs for tank treads.

Here is a collection of photos from 2016; enjoy!